Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Ain't Just the Coolest...

^^^Justin Credible reference. Boom.

Like I said on Twitter (@TYFDK), today's been quite alright.

New Black Keys video is fucking fantastic.
"Howlin' For You"

It was described as being 'Grindhouse-esque.' As if I needed another reason to watch a new Black Keys video.
The hott chicks help.

I'm a little pissed off right now, because I had a song in my head all day, and I wanted to listen to it when I got home, and yet...I don't remember what it was.

Free stuff is good. Wanna give me somethin' for free? I'll take it!
My family recently switched cable providers, which is great news, because I can't stand Time Warner.
Frontier, we don't even have you yet, and I already love you.
We got a free TV AND Blu-ray player for signing up for them. How the hell can you beat that? You can't.

Ali...I hope you feel better ASNAP.

Anyone ever read The Other Paper?
Literally the best newspaper out there. And, to go along w/ the unofficial theme, is free.
I know for a fact I'm gonna be heading down to the local bar down the road from me every Thursday to pick up a copy.
And, I mean, they love "Lunch Lady Land." Can't beat that, now can ya?
You can follow them at

Every calendar's days are numbered. I wise man just put that as his status. I love that wise man.

Short blog today, I know. Probably a lot more I wanted to talk about. Oh yeah...

Justin Bieber, the Canadian sensation who has swept girls, moms, and cougars off their feet.
Is it really fair to hate him?
I mean, he was brought to light by Ellen DeGeneres, then talents such as Usher and Ludicrus noticed him, and took him under their wings.
The man is on fire, ever since last year, and from what he told Ellen yesterday, he's more than likely NOT going to go down the path that other child artists have, which will only help him out in the future.
Still not a fan of his music though.

Talk to ya'll tomorrow.

The sXe Rockstar

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  1. Dear Classiest Rockstar I've ever met,
    I enjoy this immensely.
    I will make a Bielieber out of you yet.