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A Look at Rock on the Range 2011 (Part 2)

Continuing from the other day, this is the second part to my coverage of the Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, happening on May 21st and 22nd.
Tickets for this event launch 4 days from now, and there's quite a strong possibility they might sell out, due to overwhelming responses in previous years. The popularity of Rock on the Range has gotten so big, it produced a spin-off type event in Ontario annually, starting in 2009.
Columbus is a growing city, with such projects and upcoming events such as Wonderland Columbus that it will eventually be quite more well known to the whole country as a big city. Rock on the Range helps add to that, being one of the biggest hard rock festivals around, as I mentioned in theh previous post.
Without further ado, here's the second half of the bands performing at the Rock on the Range.

First Part of This Look at ROTR 2011

10 Years
5th album 'Feeding the Wolves' was released in August. The alternative metal band from Knoxville has had a bit of success with singles like "Wasteland," "Beautiful," and "Shoot It Out." This will be their second Rock on the Range.

This unique band, who mixed together Christian metal with reggae, amongst other genres, will be making their first appearance. Their name, which is short for 'Payable on Death,' comes from a Christian idea that how one lives their life while living, determines how one would live in the afterlife. Their newest record, which is yet to be titled, comes out later this year.

The Damned Things
Anthrax, Fall Out Boy, and Every Time I Die come together to form this heavy metal supergroup from New York. Taking their name from the song "Black Betty," this hard rock band had a CD come out just two months ago. The LP, titled 'Ironiclast,' was number one on the Heatseekers chart the week it was released. Heatseakers is for new and upcoming bands. Of the members, Scott Ian is probably the most famous, namely for his beard, which has been a variety of colors that past couple of years.

Rev Theory
These rockers, also from New York, is a commercial giant. The songs "Hell Yeah," "Light It Up," "Voices," and "Hangman" have all been used in commercials or video games or events. (Particularly, all of these songs have been used by the WWE at one point or another) Newest album, 'Justice,' comes out February 15th.

Black Veil Brides
New band BVB only has one record out ('We Stitch These Wounds'), but are looking up in the future. Already having opened for the Murderdolls, this metalcore quintet are certainly bound to end up being huge in their demographic.

"Headstrong" writers Trapt, are making their first appearance. Signed to Eleven Seven Records, this bands latest album, 'No Apologies' was released in October. Single "Sound Off" has been a radio smash, still being heard today.

Also from Eleven Seven, Crossfade has a new record coming out a month before the festival. 'We All Bleed' will be their first in 5 years. Songs "Killing Me Inside" and "Make Me a Believer" have already been released onto iTunes.

St. Louis natives hit it big with the hit "Champagne," from the album 'Bright Nights Dark Days.' Since then, the band hasn't had much going on, but I wouldn't be surprised if something was announced regarding a new record before the May events.

Pop Evil
Newer band Pop Evil, currently on tour with Judas Priest of all bands, will be making their second showing. Sophomore album 'War of Angels' was originally slated to be released tomorrow, but that has since been delayed. Keep your eye out for it though!

Fu Manchu
Named after the type of mustache that people like Hulk Hogan, Dave Wyndorf, and Shang Tsung all wear, the stoner rocking quartet from the OC released their tenth album in '09, have their drummer playing live for Social Distortion starting in April, and right before that play on a tour of the UK, France and Germany.

With such adorable song names like "Love Like a Riot," "Dressed to Kill," and my favorite, "Get Fucked," this band from 'Bu is making their first appearance back since the first show.

Evans Blue
Specializing in alternative rock, hailing from Toronto, (dramatic pause) Ontario, Canada and is a band that released 3 albums in 3 years, Evans Blue hasn't released an album since 2009 (much like Cavo).

Egypt Central
After only 8 live shows, Egypt Central was signed to Lava Records, but were dropped before they could even release their first CD. Second CD, 'White Rabbits' comes out 4 days before ROTR.

Art of Dying
Newer band AoD will be on tour with such bands as Stone Sour and Theory of a Deadman in March, starting with an appearance at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. Newest album, 'Vices and Virtues' comes out in the same month, and a free download of the song "Whole World's Crazy" is available on their website.

Hail the Villain
Hard rockers/comic book enthusiasts had their debut album come out in June, and the second volume of their graphic novel come out last month.

Trust Company
Newest effort from this metal band, 'Dreaming In Black and White' is released in March. Two songs, "Stumbling" and "Waking Up" were released to the public, then were remade and put onto the new album. Quite a good marketing technique to hype it up.

Signed to Epic Records in 2010, this local band has a new record coming out later this year.

Red Fang
From Portland, OR, this 4-man band has an album coming out in April, titled 'Murder the Mountains.' Pre-ordering is an ability you have, by visiting the Relapse Records online shop.

Bad City
This final band, who has toured with the Smashing Pumpkins and with Slash, sounds like they're from the 80s, but the band itself doesn't think the same. Currently, they have a song called "Fight As One" that is slated to become the theme for the show The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

There you have it. All 38 bands that will be appearing at Rock on the Range in May.
For more info, go to the Rock on the Range website for ticket information and any kind of updates up to the day the event starts. Hope you enjoyed this two part article!

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