Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Week...

What an eventful week!
I'll start it off with my favorite news...I've started a band!
Not many details are available for y'all, but I'll keep ya updated!

I'm starting to do a LOT more YouTube based things.
Right now I'm working on an interviewing thing that I should have done by at least next week. Ties in with my broadcasting stuff that I'm doing in school, so that's something. I promise it'll be entertaining.

"Good for boredom" = my YouTube slogan.

Here's a nine-minute video that I made to compete w/ someone VERY special. Probably the only time I'd do a vlog (since blogging's wayyy better), but here it is:

Something else, done by Team Dream Productions (of which I am apart of), are two new videos done by my bro Davis Matthews (@Darkprince7893) and I:

...We never said we were good people.

So yeah, that's about it. I mentioned my interview thing I'm working on, also got footage of a musical project I took part in. For whatever reason, FlipShare says YouTube's limit is 10 minutes, which hasn't been true for like 2 years now. So I gotta trim that done, which takes forever, but I'll update this when it's uploaded!

No new Freakin' Awesome Network article this week. Laziness took over. REALLY need to put an end to that.

Thursday, 10/20, I MIGHT be on an online internet show from 1-3 PM, called The Dirty World. Really fun people in there, always a blast. Last week we talked about flavored condoms and edible panties, so who knows what'll be talked about next week? Listen then at

That's it for this week. Next week for sure new things will be up for your entertainment values.
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Til next time...get off my lawn!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Hola there, weirdo people.
Got a few things goin', not a lot tho.

First up, my newest Freakin' Awesome Network article is up.
I preview, in no order, Mutemath, Zola Jesus, Feist, Jack's Mannequin, and a rather unknown band called Standing Shadows, and they are, simply put, awesome. Check them out, for real. There's not a lot of rock and roll around these days, but they aren't hiding.
Also check out the other articles on there. I just found out someone went to the Alternative Press Expo and I'm entirely jealous that I wasn't invited! How dare you!

Next, I put up a new YouTube video.
It's not much, but it's fun! Features my bro bro the Dark Prince, it's basically Grand Theft Auto Cribs.
In fact, the title is 'GTA Cribs.'

So go out, watch the video, read my article, support me!
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Til next time, peace I'm outta here!