Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Face on the Milk Carton

First things first, I wanna say thanks to the 3 people who actually commented on my Rock on the Range coverage. Means a lot to me. Everyone else, what the fuck?

So this is the first blog since those started, and now it's refreshing...but I don't have much to say.
Well, unless you count the fact that I lost hope in everything I do. But no one wants to hear that, if they don't read those articles.

Guys wanna hear a joke?
Cinnamon Toast Crunch being a good cereal.
If I were funny, that'd be funnier.
But I'm not, so now you're left with seconds of your life being wasted by reading that. So in the end, I win.

And that's just an adjective describing the noun known as Connor.
Being a winner is hard, ya know?
But it's worth the effort.

Yesterday was the day I realized I'm a Glee fan.
Never forget.

........Too soon?

I think I'm listening to Rihanna's "S&M" right on. Ballsy song. Haven't caught the video yet, I'm gonna have to do that sometime tomorrow.

You guys probably don't know who Jesse Hughes is. He's just about the biggest fucking rockstar in the entire fucking universe. Most underrated man on the planet.
He's dance moves are impetuous, his grooving is impregnable, he is just ferocious.
Well, like I just said, his dance moves are incredible. Just my hero is all he is.
Here's a video of the man. Just infectious.

By now, no one has read this, or they stopped after the Never Forget part, so I'll be back tomorrow with more random terribleness.

Til then,
The straightedge rockstar says to follow the shit out of him on Twitter.
Here it is, bitches


  1. I'm so happy you finally joined the world of reason and like Glee!
    But on Twitter, I was promised Bieber talk, and being the Bieliber I am(harhar) I am sadly disappointed in the lack of it.
    And, on record, Mr. Hughes is pretty cool.

    Keep it classy.

  2. Also on record, I still win more, being the winsome(yes, that is a real word) person that I am.

    Classy is as Classy does, whatever that means.

  3. Weirddddddd....
    I thought I talked about him.
    I promise I'll have like, two paragraphs talking about him.
    That's totally f'n weird.
    Glad you agree about Hughes :D

  4. You better, especially now that you promised me. Because unlike you, I actually do have all of his albums...and every song he's released on iTunes. maybe I am a bit of a Bieliber...

  5. REALLY wish YouTube had the clip of Russell Brand from the MTV Movie Awards last year where he just randomly screamed out 'I'VE GOT BEIBAH FEVA!'