Saturday, March 26, 2011

Get Me Famous

Welp folks, I think I've just thought up of a grand idea...

I wish to start a campaign.
What will it be called, you ask?
"Get Me Famous"
That's right. GMF, for short.
The basis of GMF is simple -- I want to be famous. How that could be possible is also simple.
Ways include:
-Tweeting about me, my Twitter, my Blogspot account, or my YouTube videos.  (New one's coming up shortly, btdub)
-Telling everyone you know that you know someone that wants the world to know he's out there, and wants to be seen.
-Giving me ideas on how to get famous.

Any of those ways will work. This can work, if I make this happen.
But I need EVERYONE'S help. This can only be done by you, the people, the readers, the (probably not) fans.
I will tweet about this particular blog post a LOT, so followers, be warned.
I'm determined, for once in my life.

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